Family Dentistry

Family Dental Clinic in Greenwood IN

Long-term Solution to Dental Problems

Our services covering family dentistry in Greenwood will not just treat your gums and teeth, but will also make sure you get a long-term solution that keeps your teeth and gums healthy for years.

Our team will perform a thorough assessment and identify the main cause of a patient’s dental problems. Our practitioners will then recommend a variety of treatments based on what a patient needs. This gives them options depending on their budget and current dental health. Our dentist at Greenwood family dental clinic will perform the necessary procedure with the patient’s long-term interests in mind.

Dr. Harris and her team offer a variety of services, including:

We use the latest technology and techniques to keep your teeth and gums healthy for years. What separates us from other family dental clinics in Greenwood is our continuous effort to make each patient, no matter what age, comfortable throughout whatever dental procedure they must undergo. We provide patients with a personal and gentle touch.

Gentle and Personal Care

Our staff creates a gentle and comfortable environment for patients, especially for younger patients who will be visiting the dentist for the first time. Our team will see to it that a patient is comfortable before, during and after their appointment.